Inside the Data: Highlights from our 2023 Staffing Industry Benchmark Study

Get the New 2023 NPS® Benchmarks and Insights into our Latest Staffing Industry Research

Join ClearlyRated’s CEO Eric Gregg as he reveals brand new research, including 2023 NPS® benchmarks and highlights from our 2023 Staffing Industry Benchmark Study. Get a sneak preview of our upcoming report, and gain insight into the minds of staffing buyers and candidates.

What you'll learn: 

  • New 2023 NPS benchmarks for the staffing and recruiting industry
  • What’s driving staffing buyer decisions today
  • Highlights from our new 2023 research into the satisfaction drivers for staffing buyers and job candidates


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Eric Gregg | CEO & Founder, ClearlyRated

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With two decades of research experience in the staffing and recruiting space, Eric Gregg and his team at ClearlyRated have analyzed more than 6.7 million surveys with the goal of determining what drives success for staffing and recruiting firms. Eric has served as an adjunct faculty member in Portland State University’s marketing program, and has published numerous articles, business cases, and technical notes in the field of marketing, client loyalty and employee satisfaction. His research and consulting have been featured in articles and as a noted industry speaker.