The Definitive Guide to NPS®
for Accounting Firms



Have you heard about the Net Promoter® Score and want to learn more?

Perhaps you have a different survey program in place and are considering a switch to NPS?

Or maybe you're already using NPS and want to learn how to best leverage it...

ClearlyRated's NPS Guide for Accounting Firms can help you better understand the Net Promoter Score and its unique value in the accounting industry. This document offers a guide for deploying your NPS survey initiative, as well as how to understand your results and leverage feedback in a way that maximizes long-term ROI, client satisfaction, and revenue. 

The Definitive Guide to NPS® for Accounting Firms includes:

  • An overview of the Net Promoter Score - what it is and how it's calculated. 
  • A look at NPS trends in the legal industry - how clients have ranked their law firms year-over-year. 
  • The multi-faceted benefits that law firms and other professional service providers gain from utilizing NPS. 
  • Common mistakes to avoid when utilizing NPS at your firm. 
  • Field-tested practices for maximizing the value of your NPS initiative.