The Evolution of CX: What’s Now and What’s Next

Client Experience Trends Impacting Staffing Firms in 2023

As staffing buyers navigate through a stormy economy, the expectations of their staffing partners are evolving, and so too is customer experience (CX). Growth-minded staffing and recruiting firms will need to adapt the experiences they deliver to key stakeholders—clients, candidates, and employees—in order to build reputation, address churn risk, and attract and retain the people who matter most to their business.

Join us for a quick 30-minute webinar, where Eric Gregg will share our latest proprietary research on the CX trends impacting staffing firms in 2023, and insights on the next wave of change in CX. 

What you’ll learn:

  • The attributes with the most influence on staffing decision-makers
  • The differences in customer expectations and preferences based on generation
  • How to create client, candidate, and employee experiences that go beyond satisfaction
  • The evolution of CX to always-on experience management

You’ll take away insights into the types of experiences your clients, candidates, and internal employees expect, and learn how your firm can position itself to consistently deliver on the promise of world-class experiences.


Eric Gregg | ClearlyRated CEO & Founder


With two decades of research experience in B2B services, Eric Gregg and his team at ClearlyRated have analyzed more than 6.7 million surveys with the goal of determining what drives success for B2B service firms. Eric has served as an adjunct faculty member in Portland State University’s marketing program and has published numerous articles, business cases, and technical notes in the field of marketing, client loyalty, and employee satisfaction. His research and consulting have been featured in articles and as a noted industry speaker.