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5 Things You Should Know About Best of Accounting™ Winners

WHAT: Accounting Industry Webinar

WHO: Presented by Kat Kocurek, VP of Marketing at ClearlyRated

Why watch this webinar?

It's no secret the client experience is one of the most meaningful differentiators in the accounting industry; which is why you have likely seen a number of accounting firms proudly announcing and promoting their 2020 Best of Accounting winner status since February 4th.

Utilizing a transparent, validated, and unbiased approach to gathering client feedback, these accounting firms have proven that the service experience they deliver outpaces the rest of the industry, and are committed to making the voice of their clients a central tenet of their marketing, business development, and growth strategies. 

If this is your first time hearing about Best of Accounting, or if you are looking for more information about the inner workings of the award program, this webinar is for you! Kat Kocurek, VP of Marketing at ClearlyRated, will walk through the process that accounting firms take to qualify for the award and examples from the field of what a transformative culture looks like when it comes to service quality. 

In this webinar, Kat answers questions about how Best of Accounting winners:

  • Invest in measuring and validating their satisfaction scores through an independent third-party.
  • Operationalize client feedback to inform organizational change, business strategy, and firm growth.
  • Prove that the client experience they deliver outpaces the rest of the industry. 
  • Shift firm culture towards service excellence.
  • Make their client feedback open and available to the public to promote service transparency and differentiate from the competition. 

Kat Kocurek


Kat Kocurek is the Vice President of Marketing at ClearlyRated, a leading provider of client satisfaction surveys and service quality research for professional service providers. Kat leads ClearlyRated’s growth strategy and market research team, and conducts ClearlyRated’s annual Accounting Industry Benchmark Study to uncover the most pressing issues and opportunities faced by accounting firm leaders and marketers. The data her team uncovers details modern buyer behavior and client preferences, along with opportunities for accounting firms to differentiate and credibly boost firm reputation on service quality and the remarkable client experience.