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Candidate Perspectives:

New Findings from the 2020 Job Candidate Sentiment Study

WHAT: Staffing Webinar

WHO: Presented by Eric Gregg, CEO and Founder of ClearlyRated

Why watch this webinar?

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the job market and the outlook for job candidates in the United States in the near- and long-term. With unemployment claims escalating to historic rates, staffing and recruiting firms must take an experience-centric approach to recruiting and supporting placed talent. Which is why ClearlyRated and the American Staffing Association partnered to launch the Job Candidate Sentiment Study in May of 2020. 

Eric Gregg, CEO & Founder of ClearlyRated, looks at key findings and critical takeaways from this timely and important study, which asked more than 700 U.S.-based job candidates to share their perceptions and experiences amid the new realities of the coronavirus pandemic. 

This webinar, presented in partnership with the American Staffing Association, covers findings related to: 

  • COVID-19’s impact on job candidate outlook and optimism
  • How job candidates rate their satisfaction with staffing and recruiting firms in 2020
  • Preferred methods for sourcing job opportunities and researching potential employers
  • Job candidate perceptions and beliefs about the staffing industry

Eric Gregg


With 18 years of research experience in the staffing and recruiting space, Eric Gregg and his team at ClearlyRated have analyzed more than 5 million surveys with the goal of determining what drives success for staffing and recruiting firms. Eric has served as an adjunct faculty member in Portland State University’s marketing program, and has published numerous articles, business cases, and technical notes in the field of marketing, client loyalty and employee satisfaction. His research and consulting have been featured in articles and as a noted industry speaker.

This webinar is sponsored by the American Staffing Association (ASA):