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Generational Shift:

Secrets to Succeeding with the Millennial Workforce

WHAT: Staffing Industry Webinar
*An encore of Eric Gregg's Staffing World presentation*

WHO: Presented by Eric Gregg, CEO and Founder of ClearlyRated

Why watch this webinar?

Millennials already make up 35% of the workforce, and within the next 10 years, nearly 60% of the workforce will be millennial or younger.

It’s a millennial world, and if you don’t learn how to connect with them, you’ll limit your success with the largest generation in the U.S. workforce. Millennials were raised with technology, speak their own language, set their own work style and ethic, and are steadily ascending into leadership positions—and these factors heavily influence their decision making. Backed with proprietary research, this webinar will give you immediately useful insight on how to connect with and motivate millennial buyers, candidates, and co-workers/employees.

Please Note: This webinar is an "encore" presentation of the live session that Eric presented at Staffing World 2019.  

Eric Gregg


With nearly 15 years of research experience in the staffing and recruiting space, Eric Gregg and his team at ClearlyRated have analyzed more than 3 million surveys with the goal of determining what drives success for staffing and recruiting firms. From trying to find, attract and retain top flexible and permanent talent to delivering world-class service to the clients they serve, ClearlyRated’s research has influenced top staffing firms across the globe.

ClearlyRated’s popular Best of Staffing program turns actionable client and talent satisfaction surveys into credible online ratings and testimonials, recognizing the top firms at ClearlyRated.com. Eric has served as an adjunct faculty member in Portland State University’s marketing program, and has published numerous articles, business cases, and technical notes in the field of marketing, client loyalty and employee satisfaction. His research and consulting have been featured in articles and as a noted industry speaker.